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Tribute to Kelly Nolan Tonner
1961 - 2000

In 1991 when Jim and Brad decided to start TwinDesigns most of the world looked at them as if they were crazy, not Kelly. From the start Kelly cheered them on. For many years as Jim and Brad struggled to get the business off the ground Kelly supported not only Jim and Brad but also TwinDesigns. With her incredible business knowledge she carefully molded and guided TwinDesigns. Without her guidance, support and most of importantly her enthusiasm TwinDesigns would not have survived.

What Kelly would want us to do is continue to build TwinDesigns into the company she first envisioned in 1991. It will take time, and we will never get over the loss that we feel, but we will go on and Twin Designs will continue to be the company Kelly was always proud to call her own.

Most people spend a lifetime searching for and hoping to find an angel. We were lucky enough to not only love and work with one, but most importantly to have been loved by one.
For that we will always consider ourselves truly blessed.